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Millennial La Croix

How an obscure drink from the Midwest became a Millennial sensation.

LaCroix's rise from the favorite fizzy drink of middle-aged Midwestern mothers to a nationwide Millennial sensation is a study in the art of savvy marketing and re-branding — along with a wider shift among Americans to zero-calorie, sugar-free drinks. With a limited marketing budget, LaCroix's grassroots push paid off big, allowing...


Millennial Are Uncertain, Not Entitled  

Stories about entitled, apathetic millennials just keep coming. A sense of entitlement is one of the diagnostic criterion for narcissistic personality disorder. Further criteria are a sense of superiority and grandiosity - other charges lobbed at millennials. By itself, researchers have linked ‘trait entitlement’, to feelings of frustration, unhappiness and disappointment with life, leading to a host of psychological and...


Why Your Office’s Millennials Aren’t Lazy, Selfish and Entitled

More than a quarter of Americans are millennials, meaning that they were born between 1982 and 2000. Clearly, they’re here to stay, and they’re only becoming more ubiquitous in the workplace. They’re a huge, diverse population, and instead of complaining about them...


Millennials Might Not Be The Nightmare Employees Everyone Was Worried About

Millennials are willing to work hard for an employer who supports them, and they tend to blur the lines between life and work, found the 747 Insight report — they're more willing than members of other generations to catch up on work during their personal time.