Better Than I Found It

By: Konrad Moss

My mother grew up with very little. I’ve heard stories of the childhood she and her siblings had to endure, some so difficult they are beyond my scope of understanding. Their mother, my grandmother, crossed from Mexico into Arizona to set up a new life for her family – but they were very poor. It took decades, but my mom kicked and scratched her way out of poverty. My father did not face such adversity as a child, but is by far the most persistent, intelligent, and hard-working person I’ve ever met.


My parents are my heroes.

The Entitled Millennial

I had a comfortable childhood due to the hard work of my parents. I grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado, and naturally loved hiking, snowboarding, and camping. My parents provided a great deal for me – but they never let me forget where I came from or how lucky I was. We did volunteer work as a family several times a year, and went on many mission trips. They taught me that living a good life not only meant making a good living, but finding a way to help others. My mom always taught me to leave a place better than I found it. I think this advice applies to both small scale interactions and life in general. With my parents’ tenacity and advice instilled deep in my being, I had only left to find my passion. It was through my undergraduate studies and years of work afterwards that I was able to do just that.

In school, I discovered that I am very interested in technology and in health care. I liked the concept of using technological advances to improve the state of healthcare for the general public; thus, I decided to pursue a job in healthcare IT after undergrad. I worked for three years in this field, and slowly acquired more managerial-type responsibilities. Through the variety of work I did in this job, I discovered that I am also very interested in problem-solving and thinking about “big-picture” business decisions. Finding these interests led me towards the next big step in my career and life.

For many months, I worked tirelessly to improve my resume, my test scores, and my overall candidacy for a graduate business program. I’m very blessed to not only have been accepted to a well-ranked MBA program, but to have been offered a full-ride scholarship as well. My plan is to attain a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus on Operations and General Management, and to bring this skillset to a technology company that is trying to bring about large-scale changes to improve the state of health care across the globe. Two examples of this type of company are EMR (Electronic Medical Record) companies and Genomics-related companies. They are relatively young, and face an uphill battle trying to radically change established infrastructure. Any company facing these difficulties, as well as the difficulties that arise with rapid technological innovation, needs good management. I hope to solve problems and make large-scale decisions for such a company, so that I can have a tangible impact on the betterment of healthcare.

Growing up as a Millennial

We’ve seen some great technological advancements in social media, internet, transportation, space exploration, and much more. While there have certainly been some improvements in healthcare, I believe that this is the next field that needs to take a large leap forward technologically. Healthcare is something that affects everyone. I believe we can never work hard enough to improve its overall state. I intend to work as hard as I can to facilitate its “leap forward” to ensure its efficiency, stability, and overall success. My desire is to leave healthcare, and hopefully society, a little better than I found it.